Kind words from fellow practitioners, yoga teacher training students, retreat guests and everyday studio goers about yoga with Molly Masaoka.

“Molly’s teaching style is a beautiful dance between sthira-sukham, steadiness and ease. Molly is a dedicated practitioner whose teaching reveals her depth of experience and her intelligence, warmth and genuine devotion to Yoga and to her students.”

-Annie Carpenter

“I started practicing yoga at Yoga Centered 14 years ago and I still LOVE going there everyday. I can hardly wait, it’s like taking a deep breath of relief when I step in the door. I love the ambiance of Yoga Centered, it’s not only a beautiful space, it’s full of beautiful people of all sorts, we are one big happy family, bonding in an amazing experience. I was hooked on my first yoga class I took at Yoga Centered and will make it a priority for the rest of my life.”

-Patsy Withers

Molly is an amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful soul to be around and learn from. Molly’s inspiring spirit really shines through in her teaching. She is extremely knowledgeable about alignment, anatomy, and how to use yoga as a method for healing and/or optimal health. She is fun and encouraging. I absolutely love Molly and her asana classes are the best ones I’ve ever had the privilege of taking. The yoga Molly practices and shares with others will lift your body, mind, and spirit to a greater place!”

-Jensi Gise

“I just received my Teacher Training with Molly. She is hands down one the best yoga teachers that I have ever had. I live in Manhattan and have been practicing for years. Molly focus is alignment and safety. Her sequencing is the best I have ever seen. She is a perfect combination of loving, caring, encouraging and tough. I have been forever changed from my Teacher Training. She gave me the tools and the confidence to get out and start teaching. If I lived closer I would be at her studio daily. So the next best thing…I downloaded her online classes. I will be taking future trainings with Molly.”

-Susan Grosso

“Molly is the greatest yoga teacher EVER!!! Her classes are so good. challenging but fun. Great personality, super energy and amazing leader. I think she’s a treasure.”

-Kathleen Kupke

“Molly is a wonderful instructor. She demonstrates when needed but can also get you into a pose with her detailed language. Molly knows when and where to make adjustments without making you feel like you’re doing every pose incorrectly. She is wonderful with alignment cues to prevent pain or injury but still brings fun to the class. I loved learning so much from her.”

-Autumn Ghigiarelli

“Molly is living her dharma by teaching and sharing yoga in her community. We should have a lot of gratitude for her courage. Yoga Centered is beautiful place to teach and practice.”

-Sianna Sherman

“Since I started practicing yoga I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my life, my relationships, my body. I feel so much stronger and I appreciate the journey. I want to just keep learning more and my passion for practice continues to expand.”


“Throughout the course of my 15 years of practicing yoga, I have been fortunate, blessed, grateful, overjoyed, to have found Yoga Centered & Boutique. I, personally, feel like it’s my home away from home. These strong, dynamic and diverse group of instructors offer their dedicated and powerful teaching styles. It has made me feel grounded, powerful, determined, and focused. All the staff and the students are always, caring, friendly, helpful, thoughtful and an affectionate group. I feel that it is a loving and welcoming environment. Thank you all for playing a role in my life, and I feel blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you.”

-Elise Legge

“Molly offered clear and integral instruction. She was knowledgeable in Sanskrit and chakra’s, and offered us instruction in all the more spiritual aspects of yoga without dogma. She was a highly experienced instructor, a devoted/passionate teacher and practitioner. I valued her presentations and learned a lot from her.”

-Tarini Bauliya

“I was new to yoga when I started with Molly. I have a number of medical problems that require me to modify some of what we do in class. Molly aways has suggestions for alternatives or modifications, and I never feel pressured to go into postures that don’t feel safe. She has been unfailingly encouraging in my quest to get stronger and healthier despite my limitations.”

-Mark Knox

“If you get a chance to study with Molly – go for it. She is terrific and awesome.”

-Liz Heffernan

I have been a private Yoga student of Molly’s for over a year now. After a bout with sciatica I signed up for private lessons with her. She has an intuitive nature about what I need each week. It seems that we do something different every lesson and I am astounded by her knowledge. I have not ever had such an intuitive instructor for Yoga. Throughout the year I have gained noticeable improvement in flexibility which startled then amazed me. She pointed this out to me and I felt such overwhelming thankfulness for her lessons. I value her sessions more than I can express. If you are interested in sessions that are targeted directly for your needs I would highly recommend you sign up with her. You won’t regret it.

–Tanya King, 68



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